As experimental feature its possible to use dnsmasq instead of the ISC dhcpd server in combination with a TFTP server. The dnsmasq service is then acting as dhcp and TFTP server. In order to keep the file /etc/dnsmasq.d/ww4-hosts.conf is created and must be included in the main dnsmasq.conf via the conf-dir=/etc/dnsmasq.d option.


Before the installation, make sure that dhcpd and tftp are disabled. You can do that with the commands:

systemctl disable dhcpd
systemctl stop dhcpd
systemctl disable tftp
systemctl stop tftp

Now you can install dnsmasq.

zypper install dnsmasq

After the installation you have to instruct warewulf to use dnsmasq as its dhcpd and tftp service. dnsmasq has to be specified in the configuration file /etc/warewulf/warewulf.conf.

  systemd name: dnsmasq
  systemd name: dnsmasq

The configuration of dnsmasq doesn’t need to be changed, as the default configuration includes all files with following pattern /etc/dnsmasq.d/*conf into its configuration. This configuration is created by the overlay template host:/etc/dnsmasq.d/ww4-hosts.conf.ww. In order to build this template run

wwctl overlay build -H

After that the dnsmasq service has to be enabled. Either

systemctl enable --now dnsmasq

or by (re)configuring warewulf with

wwctl configure dhcp
wwctl configure tftp