October 11, 2023

Warewulf Project Charter Published

The Warewulf Project is pleased to announce the publication of its Project Charter, and the formation of the Warewulf Technical Steering Committee (TSC).

The members of the Technical Steering Committee are drawn from the active members of its community and stakeholders:

  • Greg Kurtzer, project founder and CIO of CIQ, Inc.
  • Jonathon Anderson, Solutions Architect at CIQ, Inc.
  • Christian Goll, Software Engineer at SUSE, Inc.
  • Jeremy Siadal, HPC Systems Engineer at Intel, Inc. and representing OpenHPC
  • John Hanks, HPC Principal Engineer at Chan Zuckerburg Biohub

We're excited for this next chapter of the Warewulf project, and for new opportunities for collaboration in development, community management, and advocacy.

If you're interested in being a part of the Warewulf project, please get in touch with us on Slack, the mailing list, or even just by opening an issue or pull request! We look forward to working together to continue building the best HPC cluster management solution available.